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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Yadong-dong Yaeum-dong Yaheung-dong Yakdae-dong Yakmok-myeon Yaksa-dong
Yaksan-myeon Yang 1(il)-dong Yang 2(i)-dong Yang 3(sam)-dong Yang-dong Yangbo-myeon
Yangbuk-myeon Yangcheon-dong Yangchon-dong Yangchon-myeon Yangdae-dong Yangdeog 1(il)-dong
Yangdeog 2(i)-dong Yangdeok-dong Yangdo-myeon Yangdong-myeon Yanggam-myeon Yanggang-myeon
Yanggok-dong Yanggu-eup Yanggwa-dong Yangho-dong Yanghwa-dong Yanghwa-myeon
Yangjae 1(il)-dong Yangjae 2(i)-dong Yangjae-dong Yangjeon-dong Yangjeong 1(il)-dong Yangjeong 2(i)-dong
Yangjeong-dong Yangji-dong Yangji-myeon Yangnam-myeon Yangpyeong-dong Yangpyeong-eup
Yangpyeongdong 1(il)-ga Yangpyeongdong 2(i)-ga Yangpyeongdong 3(sam)-ga Yangpyeongdong 4(sa)-ga Yangpyeongdong 5(o)-ga Yangpyeongdong 6(yuk)-ga
Yangrim-dong Yangsa-myeon Yangsan-dong Yangsan-myeon Yangsang-dong Yangsanucheguksaseoham
Yangseo-myeon Yangseong-myeon Yangyang-eup Yaro-myeon Yasa-dong Yatap-dong
Yean-myeon Yecheon-dong Yecheon-eup Yegok-dong Yegwan-dong Yejang-dong
Yeji-dong Yeocheon-dong Yeohang-myeon Yeoju-eup Yeojwa-dong Yeok-dong
Yeokbuk-dong Yeokchon-dong Yeokgog 1(il)-dong Yeokgog 2(i)-dong Yeokgog 3(sam)-dong Yeokgok-dong
Yeoksam 1(il)-dong Yeoksam 2(i)-dong Yeoksam-dong Yeomchang-dong Yeomchi-eup Yeomgok-dong
Yeompo-dong Yeomri-dong Yeomsan-myeon Yeon-dong Yeonam-dong Yeoncheon-eup
Yeoncho-myeon Yeonchuk-dong Yeondeung-dong Yeondo-dong Yeong-dong Yeongam-eup
Yeongbuk-myeon Yeongcheon-dong Yeongcheonucheguksaseoham Yeongchun-myeon Yeongdeog-eup Yeongdeok-dong
Yeongdeung-dong Yeongdeungpo-dong Yeongdeungpobon-dong Yeongdeungpodong 1(il)-ga Yeongdeungpodong 2(i)-ga Yeongdeungpodong 3(sam)-ga
Yeongdeungpodong 4(sa)-ga Yeongdeungpodong 5(o)-ga Yeongdeungpodong 6(yuk)-ga Yeongdeungpodong 7(chil)-ga Yeongdeungpodong 8(pal)-ga Yeongdeungpoucheguksaseoham
Yeongdong-eup Yeongeon-dong Yeonggwang-eup Yeonghae-dong Yeonghae-myeon Yeonghaedong 1(il)-ga
Yeonghaedong 2(i)-ga Yeongheung-myeon Yeonghwa-dong Yeonghyeon-myeon Yeongin-myeon Yeongju 1(il)-dong
Yeongju 2(i)-dong Yeongju-dong Yeongjung-myeon Yeongjuucheguksaseoham Yeongnam-dong Yeongnam-myeon
Yeongo-myeon Yeongok-myeon Yeongpa-dong Yeongpyeong-dong Yeongrang-dong Yeongsan-dong
Yeongsan-myeon Yeongseon-dong Yeongseondong 1(il)-ga Yeongseondong 2(i)-ga Yeongseondong 3(sam)-ga Yeongseondong 4(sa)-ga
Yeongseong-dong Yeongsin-dong Yeongsun-myeon Yeongtong 1(il)-dong Yeongtong 2(i)-dong Yeongtong-dong
Yeongun-dong Yeongwon-myeon Yeongwor-eup Yeongyang-eup Yeongyeong-dong Yeonho-dong
Yeonhui-dong Yeonhyang-dong Yeonir-eup Yeonje-dong Yeonjeong-dong Yeonji-dong
Yeonmu-dong Yeonmu-eup Yeonnam-dong Yeonpung-myeon Yeonpyeong-myeon Yeonsan 1(il)-dong
Yeonsan 2(i)-dong Yeonsan 3(sam)-dong Yeonsan 4(sa)-dong Yeonsan 5(o)-dong Yeonsan 6(yuk)-dong Yeonsan 8(pal)-dong
Yeonsan 9(gu)-dong Yeonsan-dong Yeonsan-myeon Yeonsu 1(il)-dong Yeonsu 2(i)-dong Yeonsu 3(sam)-dong
Yeonsu-dong Yeonwon-dong Yeosan-myeon Yeoseo-dong Yeosu-dong Yeosuucheguksaseoham
Yeoui-dong Yeouido-dong Yeouidoucheguksaseoham Yeowol-dong Yesan-eup Yoam-dong
Yochon-dong Yogi-dong Yokji-myeon Yong-dong Yong-myeon Yongam 1(il)-dong
Yongam 2(i)-dong Yongam-dong Yongam-myeon Yongan-myeon Yongbang-myeon Yongbok-dong
Yongbong-dong Yongchon-dong Yongdam 1(il)-dong Yongdam 2(i)-dong Yongdam 3(sam)-dong Yongdam-dong
Yongdam-myeon Yongdang 1(il)-dong Yongdang 2(i)-dong Yongdang-dong Yongdap-dong Yongdeok-dong
Yongdeok-myeon Yongdong-myeon Yongdu-dong Yonggang-dong Yonggok-dong Yonggung-myeon
Yonggwan-dong Yonggye-dong Yonghae-dong Yongheung-dong Yongho 1(il)-dong Yongho 2(i)-dong
Yongho 3(sam)-dong Yongho 4(sa)-dong Yongho-dong Yonghwa-dong Yonghwa-myeon Yonghyeon 1(il)-dong
Yonghyeon 2(i)-dong Yonghyeon 3(sam)-dong Yonghyeon 4(sa)-dong Yonghyeon 5(o)-dong Yonghyeon-dong Yonghyeon-myeon
Yongi-dong Yonginsujiucheguksaseoham Yonginucheguksaseoham Yongjam-dong Yongje-dong Yongjeon-dong
Yongjeong-dong Yongji-dong Yongji-myeon Yongjin-myeon Yongjong-dong Yongju-myeon
Yongmun-dong Yongmun-myeon Yongnam-myeon Yongpyeong-dong Yongpyeong-myeon Yongsan 1(il)-dong
Yongsan 2(i)-dong Yongsan-dong Yongsan-myeon Yongsandong 1(il)-ga Yongsandong 2(i)-ga Yongsandong 3(sam)-ga
Yongsandong 4(sa)-ga Yongsandong 5(o)-ga Yongsandong 6(yuk)-ga Yongsang-dong Yongseong-myeon Yongsu-dong
Yongtan-dong Yongun-dong Yongwon-dong Yongyeon-dong Yoseon-dong Yu-dong
Yubang-dong Yucheon 1(il)-dong Yucheon 2(i)-dong Yucheon-dong Yucheon-myeon Yuchi-myeon
Yuchon-dong Yudal-dong Yudeung-myeon Yueo-myeon Yuga-myeon Yugok-dong
Yugok-myeon Yugu-eup Yugye-dong Yul-dong Yul-myeon Yulchon-myeon
Yuldo-dong Yulgok-myeon Yulha-dong Yulhyeon-dong Yuljeon-dong Yuljeong-dong
Yullyang-dong Yulmok-dong Yulse-dong Yunjik-dong Yuram-dong Yureo-myeon
Yurim-myeon Yurok-dong Yuryang-dong Yusan-dong Yuyang-dong