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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Mandeog 1(il)-dong Mandeog 2(i)-dong Mandeog 3(sam)-dong Mandeok-dong Myeongjang 1(il)-dong Myeongjang 2(i)-dong
Myeongjang-dong Myeongryun 1(il)-dong Myeongryun 2(i)-dong Myeongryun-dong Mieum-dong Myeongji-dong
Munhyeon 1(il)-dong Munhyeon 2(i)-dong Munhyeon 3(sam)-dong Munhyeon 4(sa)-dong Munhyeon-dong Mora 1(il)-dong
Mora 3(sam)-dong Mora-dong Mangmi 1(il)-dong Mangmi 2(i)-dong Mangmi-dong Minrak-dong
Maro-myeon Miwon-myeon Munui-myeon Mokbeol-dong Mokhaeng-dong Munhwa-dong
Maepo-eup Maengdong-myeon Mungwang-myeon Mipyeong-dong Mochung-dong Munam-dong
Mosan-dong Myeong-dong Munbaek-myeon Myeongam-dong Maegok-myeon Mojong-dong
Misan-myeon Myeongcheon-dong Mok-myeon Myeoncheon-myeon Mokcheon-eup Mureung-dong
Masan-myeon Maseo-myeon Munsan-myeon Maecheon-dong Maeyeo-dong Midae-dong
Migok-dong Maeho-dong Manchon 1(il)-dong Manchon 2(i)-dong Manchon 3(sam)-dong Manchon-dong
Miho-dong Moksang-dong Munpyeong-dong Masan-dong Mok-dong Mokdal-dong
Munchang-dong Munhwa 1(il)-dong Munhwa 2(i)-dong Musu-dong Maeno-dong Mannyeon-dong
Munji-dong Mangsang-dong Manu-dong Mukhojin-dong Myeongju-dong Mitan-myeon
Madal-dong Mapyeong-dong Miro-myeon Mungok-dong Munmag-eup Musil-dong
Maegok-dong Mangwol-dong Munheung 1(il)-dong Munheung 2(i)-dong Munheung-dong Myeongdo-dong
Myeonghwa-dong Maewol-dong Mareuk-dong Miyang-myeon Mohyeon-myeon Moknae-dong
Mabuk-dong Makgye-dong Munwon-dong Mokhyeon-dong Misa-dong Mado-myeon
Maesong-myeon Munho-dong Musong-dong Majang-myeon Moga-myeon Madu 1(il)-dong
Madu 2(i)-dong Madu-dong Munbong-dong Maekgeum-dong Munsan-eup Munsanucheguksaseoham
Maegyo-dong Maehyang-dong Maesanro 1(il)-ga Maesanro 2(i)-ga Maesanro 3(sam)-ga Mogok-dong
Maehwa-dong Misan-dong Mokgam-dong Mujinae-dong Murwang-dong Majeon-dong
Mansong-dong Maetan 1(il)-dong Maetan 2(i)-dong Maetan 3(sam)-dong Maetan 4(sa)-dong Maetan-dong
Mangpo-dong Mokseong-dong Murya-myeon Myeongho-myeon Maejeon-myeon Moam-dong
Mundang-dong Mueul-myeon Ma-dong Maseong-myeon Mojeon-dong Mungyeong-eup
Mungyeongucheguksaseoham Mansan-dong Modong-myeon Moseo-myeon Muyang-dong Maesan-dong
Mangjeong-dong Munnae-dong Munoe-dong Munjeong-dong Munsu-myeon Myeonggok-dong
Myeongseo-dong Mari-myeon Mundong-dong Myeongbeop-dong Maam-myeon Macheon-myeon
Myosan-myeon Macheon-dong Manggyeong-dong Micheon-myeon Myeongseok-myeon Masanhappoucheguksaseoham
Masansuchuljiyeogucheguksaseoham Masanucheguksaseoham Miryangucheguksaseoham Muan-myeon Mijo-myeon Mado-dong
Misu 1(il)-dong Misu 2(i)-dong Misu-dong Mujeon-dong Myeongjeong-dong Mulgeum-eup
Manseok-dong Muui-dong Munhak-dong Mansu 1(il)-dong Mansu 2(i)-dong Mansu 3(sam)-dong
Mansu 4(sa)-dong Mansu 5(o)-dong Mansu 6(yuk)-dong Mansu-dong Manseong-dong Mangyeong-eup
Myeongdeok-dong Mujang-myeon Mijang-dong Miryong-dong Miwon-dong Myeongsan-dong
Mangseong-myeon Mohyeondong 1(il)-ga Mohyeondong 2(i)-ga Mokcheon-dong Mangje-dong Maryeong-myeon
Muju-eup Mupung-myeon Miryeok-myeon Mundeok-myeon Mujeong-myeon Maryang-myeon
Moksadong-myeon Muncheok-myeon Mokseongucheguksaseoham Munnae-myeon Manho-dong Mokpoucheguksaseoham
Muan-dong Mangun-myeon Mongtan-myeon Muan-eup Munpyeong-myeon Miam-myeon
Myoryang-myeon Manheung-dong Munsu-dong Myodo-dong Mia-dong Myeongil-dong
Myeongir 1(il)-dong Myeongir 2(i)-dong Muyeoksenteoucheguksaseoham Magok-dong Miseong-dong Mojin-dong
Muak-dong Myeongryundong 1(il)-ga Myeongryundong 2(i)-ga Myeongryundong 3(sam)-ga Myeongryundong 4(sa)-ga Myo-dong
Manridong 1(il)-ga Manridong 2(i)-ga Mugyo-dong Muhak-dong Mukjeong-dong Myeongdong 1(il)-ga
Myeongdong 2(i)-ga Mangu 3(sam)-dong Mangu-dong Mangubon-dong Mug 1(il)-dong Mug 2(i)-dong
Muk-dong Myeonmog 2(i)-dong Myeonmog 3.8-dong Myeonmog 4(sa)-dong Myeonmog 5(o)-dong Myeonmog 7(chil)-dong
Myeonmok-dong Myeonmokbon-dong Mangwon 1(il)-dong Mangwon 2(i)-dong Mangwon-dong Mapo-dong
Migeun-dong Majang-dong Macheon 1(il)-dong Macheon 2(i)-dong Munjeong 1(il)-dong Munjeong 2(i)-dong
Mog 1(il)-dong Mog 2(i)-dong Mog 3(sam)-dong Mog 4(sa)-dong Mog 5(o)-dong Munrae-dong
Munraedong 1(il)-ga Munraedong 2(i)-ga Munraedong 3(sam)-ga Munraedong 4(sa)-ga Munraedong 5(o)-ga Munraedong 6(yuk)-ga
Munbae-dong Muryong-dong Myeongchon-dong Maeam-dong Mugeo-dong