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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Jeonpo 1(il)-dong Jeonpo 2(i)-dong Jeonpo 3(sam)-dong Jeonpo-dong Jwacheon 1(il)-dong Jwacheon 4(sa)-dong
Jwacheon-dong Jisa-dong Jukdong-dong Jukrim-dong Jangjeon 1(il)-dong Jangjeon 2(i)-dong
Jangjeon 3(sam)-dong Jangjeon-dong Jangan-eup Jeonggwan-myeon Jaesong 1(il)-dong Jaesong 2(i)-dong
Jaesong-dong Jung 1(il)-dong Jung 2(i)-dong Jung-dong Jwa 1(il)-dong Jwa 2(i)-dong
Jwa 3(sam)-dong Jwa 4(sa)-dong Jwa-dong Jungang-dong Jungangdong 1(il)-ga Jungangdong 2(i)-ga
Jungangdong 3(sam)-ga Jungangdong 4(sa)-ga Jungangdong 5(o)-ga Jungangdong 6(yuk)-ga Jungangdong 7(chil)-ga Jangrim 1(il)-dong
Jangrim 2(i)-dong Jangrim-dong Jurye 1(il)-dong Jurye 2(i)-dong Jurye 3(sam)-dong Jurye-dong
Jangan-myeon Jihyeon-dong Jik-dong Jongmin-dong Judeog-eup Jeokseong-myeon
Jangyeon-myeon Jangam-dong Jangseong-dong Jeongbong-dong Jidong-dong Jajak-dong
Jangrak-dong Jecheonucheguksaseoham Jungangro 1(il)-ga Jungangro 2(i)-ga Jeungpyeong-eup Jincheon-eup
Jeongbuk-dong Jeongha-dong Jeongsang-dong Jibuk-dong Jujung-dong Juseong-dong
Jangjon-dong Jeomyang-dong Jwabu-dong Jugyo-myeon Jukjeong-dong Jupo-myeon
Jusan-myeon Jangam-myeon Jangpyeong-myeon Jeongsan-myeon Jeongmi-myeon Jewon-myeon
Jinsan-myeon Janggi-myeon Jeongan-myeon Jumi-dong Junghak-dong Janggok-myeon
Jisan-dong Jiksan-eup Janghang-eup Jongcheon-myeon Jamhong-dong Jang-dong
Jigok-myeon Jukseong-dong Jeondong-myeon Jeonui-myeon Jochiwon-eup Joya-dong
Janggi-dong Jincheon-dong Jukjeon-dong Jijeo-dong Jimyo-dong Jinin-dong
Jungdae-dong Janggwan-dong Jeon-dong Jongro 1(il)-ga Jongro 2(i)-ga Jungri-dong
Jisan 1(il)-dong Jisan 2(i)-dong Jangcheok-dong Jayang-dong Jeong-dong Juchon-dong
Jusan-dong Jeongsaeng-dong Jungchon-dong Jangan-dong Jeongrim-dong Jangdae-dong
Jaun-dong Jeonmin-dong Jijok-dong Juk-dong Joyang-dong Jungangro 3(sam)-ga
Jungdo-dong Jiga-dong Jiheung-dong Janghyeon-dong Jeo-dong Jibyeon-dong
Jukheon-dong Jumunjin-eup Jugwang-myeon Jeongseon-eup Jinbu-myeon Jawon-dong
Jeokno-dong Jeungsan-dong Jobi-dong Jangsa-dong Jeokgak-dong Jotan-dong
Jijeong-myeon Jucheon-myeon Jungdong-myeon Jangdeung-dong Jiya-dong Jungheung 1(il)-dong
Jungheung 2(i)-dong Jungheung 3(sam)-dong Jungheung-dong Jangdeok-dong Jangrok-dong Jangsu-dong
Jijeong-dong Jijuk-dong Jingok-dong Jipyeong-dong Jinwol-dong Jiseok-dong
Juwol-dong Juwor 1(il)-dong Juwor 2(i)-dong Juksan-myeon Jeongja-dong Jichuk-dong
Jugyo-dong Jihaeng-dong Jigok-dong Jaegung-dong Juam-dong Jangji-dong
Jungbu-myeon Jeongnam-myeon Jinan-dong Janghowon-eup Jeungil-dong Jeungpo-dong
Jinri-dong Janghang 1(il)-dong Janghang 2(i)-dong Janghang-dong Jeongbalsan-dong Jiyeong-dong
Jungsan-dong Juyeob 1(il)-dong Juyeob 2(i)-dong Juyeop-dong Jeongja 1(il)-dong Jeongja 2(i)-dong
Jeongja 3(sam)-dong Jowon-dong Jigeum-dong Jingeon-eup Jinjeob-eup Joan-myeon
Jak-dong Jigot-dong Jangdan-myeon Jindong-myeon Jinseo-myeon Jori-eup
Ji-dong Jangdang-dong Jije-dong Jinwi-myeon Jukbaek-dong Jangha-dong
Jangsang-dong Janggok-dong Jeongwang 1(il)-dong Jeongwang 2(i)-dong Jeongwang 3(sam)-dong Jeongwang 4(sa)-dong
Jeongwang-dong Jeongwangbon-dong Jonam-dong Jugyul-dong Jukjeon 1(il)-dong Jukjeon 2(i)-dong
Jail-dong Jung 3(sam)-dong Jung 4(sa)-dong Jangheung-myeon Jipyeong-myeon Jeomdong-myeon
Jangnam-myeon Jeongog-eup Jung-myeon Jaesan-myeon Jukdo-dong Jukjang-myeon
Jinbo-myeon Jicheon-myeon Jeungsan-myeon Jijwa-dong Jirye-myeon Joma-myeon
Jangcheon-myeon Jinpyeong-dong Jinhyeon-dong Jain-myeon Jeomchon-dong Jeongpyeong-dong
Jinryang-eup Joyeong-dong Jungbang-dong Jangheung-dong Jicheon-dong Jungdeok-dong
Jeomgok-myeon Jukbyeon-myeon Jibo-myeon Jaksan-dong Jayang-myeon Jogyo-dong
Jipum-myeon Jangsu-myeon Jeokseo-dong Joam-dong Jowa-dong Jangma-myeon
Jeokhyeon-dong Jigwi-dong Jusang-myeon Jangmok-myeon Jangpyeong-dong Jangseungpo-dong
Jangseungpoucheguksaseoham Jangyu-myeon Jeonha-dong Jinae-dong Jinrye-myeon Jinyeong-eup
Juchon-myeon Jeokryang-myeon Jingyo-myeon Jeokjung-myeon Jaeun-dong Jangcheon-dong
Jedeok-dong Jehwangsan-dong Jinhaeucheguksaseoham Jukgok-dong Jungpyeong-dong Jangjae-dong
Jeongchon-myeon Jinjuucheguksaseoham Jinseong-myeon Jiphyeon-myeon Jisu-myeon Jungan-dong
Juyak-dong Janggundong 1(il)-ga Janggundong 2(i)-ga Janggundong 3(sam)-ga Janggundong 4(sa)-ga Janggundong 5(o)-ga
Jasan-dong Jinbuk-myeon Jinjeon-myeon Jungseong-dong Jeongdong-myeon Jwaryong-dong
Jeongryang-dong Jeonggok-myeon Jujin-dong Junam-dong Jungbu-dong Jakjeon 1(il)-dong
Jakjeon 2(i)-dong Jakjeon-dong Jakjeonseoun-dong Juan 1(il)-dong Juan 2(i)-dong Juan 3(sam)-dong
Juan 4(sa)-dong Juan 5(o)-dong Juan 6(yuk)-dong Juan 7(chil)-dong Juan 8(pal)-dong Juan-dong
Jawol-myeon Jejuucheguksaseoham Jejuupyeonjipjungguksaseoham Jocheon-eup Jeongbang-dong Jungmun-dong
Julpo-myeon Jeonmidong 1(il)-ga Jeonmidong 2(i)-ga Jinbuk-dong Janghwa-dong Jewol-dong
Jinbong-myeon Jangmi-dong Jochon-dong Jeongjok-dong Juhyeon-dong Jisa-myeon
Janggye-myeon Jangsu-eup Jangmyeong-dong Jeongeubucheguksaseoham Jeongu-myeon Jinsan-dong
Jeongcheon-myeon Jinan-eup Jeoksang-myeon Josan-dong Jukhang-dong Jusaeng-myeon
Jeondong 3(sam)-ga Jeonjuucheguksaseoham Junghwasandong 1(il)-ga Junghwasandong 2(i)-ga Jungin-dong Jungnosong-dong
Joseong-myeon Jakcheon-myeon Jeomam-myeon Jukgok-myeon Jinsang-myeon Jinwol-myeon
Junggun-dong Jangdong-myeon Jangheung-eup Jangseong-eup Jinwon-myeon Jindo-eup
Jisan-myeon Jodo-myeon Jukgyo-dong Jungdong 1(il)-ga Jungdong 2(i)-ga Jinpo-dong
Jaeun-myeon Jangsan-myeon Jeungdo-myeon Jido-eup Jeojeon-dong Jogok-dong
Jorye-dong Juam-myeon Jeokryang-dong Jonghwa-dong Jusam-dong Jangan 1(il)-dong
Jangan 2(i)-dong Jangan 3(sam)-dong Jangan 4(sa)-dong Jegi 1(il)-dong Jegi 2(i)-dong Jegi-dong
Jeonnong 1(il)-dong Jeonnong 2(i)-dong Jeonnong 3(sam)-dong Jeonnong-dong Jingwan-dong Jagok-dong
Jayang 1(il)-dong Jayang 2(i)-dong Jayang 3(sam)-dong Jayang 4(sa)-dong Junggog 1(il)-dong Junggog 2(i)-dong
Junggog 3(sam)-dong Junggog 4(sa)-dong Junggok-dong Jae-dong Jeokseon-dong Jongro 3(sam)-ga
Jongro 4(sa)-ga Jongro 5(o)-ga Jongro 6(yuk)-ga Jangchungdong 1(il)-ga Jangchungdong 2(i)-ga Janggyo-dong
Jeodong 1(il)-ga Jeodong 2(i)-ga Juja-dong Jungangucheguksaseoham Jungrim-dong Junghwa 1(il)-dong
Junghwa 2(i)-dong Junghwa-dong Junggye 1(il)-dong Junggye 3(sam)-dong Junggye 4(sa)-dong Junggye-dong
Junggyebon-dong Jamwon-dong Jangwi 1(il)-dong Jangwi 2(i)-dong Jangwi 3(sam)-dong Jangwi-dong
Jeongreung 1(il)-dong Jeongreung 2(i)-dong Jeongreung 3(sam)-dong Jeongreung 4(sa)-dong Jeongreung-dong Jongam-dong
Jamsil-dong Jamsilbon-dong Jamsir 2(i)-dong Jamsir 3(sam)-dong Jamsir 4(sa)-dong Jamsir 6(yuk)-dong
Jamsir 7(chil)-dong Jinjang-dong Jeonha 1(il)-dong Jeonha 2(i)-dong Jujeon-dong Jangsaengpo-dong