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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Hwamyeong 1(il)-dong Hwamyeong 2(i)-dong Hwamyeong 3(sam)-dong Hwamyeong-dong Hwajeon-dong Hoedong-dong
Haeundaeucheguksaseoham Hadan 1(il)-dong Hadan 2(i)-dong Hadan-dong Hakjang-dong Hoein-myeon
Hoenam-myeon Hyeondo-myeon Hoam-dong Hwagye-dong Hyangjeong-dong Hyeonam-dong
Hyuam-dong Hansu-myeon Haso-dong Heukseok-dong Hwasan-dong Haksan-myeon
Hwanggan-myeon Hongsan-myeon Hwaseong-myeon Hapdeog-eup Hongbuk-myeon Hongdong-myeon
Hongseong-eup Hwaji-dong Hansan-myeon Hwayang-myeon Haemi-myeon Hakjeong-dong
Horim-dong Hosan-dong Habin-myeon Hwawon-eup Hyeonpung-myeon Hyomog 1(il)-dong
Hyomog 2(i)-dong Hyomok-dong Haseo-dong Hyangchon-dong Hwanggeum 1(il)-dong Hwanggeum 2(i)-dong
Hwanggeum-dong Hwangho-dong Hongdo-dong Hyo-dong Hyopyeong-dong Ho-dong
Hagi-dong Hakha-dong Hwaam-dong Hupyeong 1(il)-dong Hupyeong 2(i)-dong Hupyeong 3(sam)-dong
Hupyeong-dong Hyoja 1(il)-dong Hyoja 2(i)-dong Hyoja 3(sam)-dong Hyoja-dong Hohyeon-dong
Hyoga-dong Hak-dong Hoesan-dong Hongje-dong Hyeonnae-myeon Hoengseong-eup
Hongcheon-eup Hwachon-myeon Hanam-myeon Hwacheon-eup Hajang-myeon Hasami-dong
Hwangji-dong Hwangyeon-dong Hyeol-dong Haenggu-dong Hakseong-dong Heungeop-myeon
Hojeo-myeon Haean-myeon Hyeonbuk-myeon Hyeonnam-myeon Hadong-myeon Hyoryeong-dong
Honam-dong Hanam-dong Hasan-dong Hwangryong-dong Haengam-dong Hwajang-dong
Hwajeong 1(il)-dong Hwajeong 2(i)-dong Hwajeong 3(sam)-dong Hwajeong 4(sa)-dong Hwajeong-dong Hyeonsu-dong
Hasanun-dong Haegok-dong Haengjunae-dong Haengjuoe-dong Haengsin 1(il)-dong Haengsin 2(i)-dong
Haengsin 3(sam)-dong Haengsin-dong Hyangdong-dong Hyeoncheon-dong Hogye 1(il)-dong Hogye 2(i)-dong
Hogye 3(sam)-dong Hogye-dong Habongam-dong Ha-myeon Hagal-dong Haseong-myeon
Hoedeok-dong Haan 1(il)-dong Haan 2(i)-dong Haan 3(sam)-dong Haan 4(sa)-dong Haan-dong
Homaesil-dong Hagam-dong Hang-dong Hasachang-dong Hasangok-dong Hwalcho-dong
Hwanggye-dong Hyangnam-eup Hobeop-myeon Hagwanggyo-dong Hadaewon-dong Hopyeong-dong
Hwado-eup Hwaseo 1(il)-dong Hwaseo 2(i)-dong Hwaseo-dong Hwahyeon-myeon Hapjeong-dong
Hyeondeok-myeon Hajung-dong Hasang-dong Howon 1(il)-dong Howon 2(i)-dong Howon-dong
Hagui-dong Hoeam-dong Hoejeong-dong Heungcheon-myeon Ha-dong Hwaseong-dong
Hakjam-dong Haksan-dong Hanggu-dong Heunghae-eup Hwanho-dong Hwayang-eup
Hyeondong-myeon Hyeonseo-myeon Haepyeong-myeon Hwangsang-dong Hyeonggog 1(il)-dong Hyeonggog 2(i)-dong
Hyeonggok-dong Hyoryeong-myeon Hwangnam-dong Hwango-dong Hwangseong-dong Hwangyong-dong
Hyeongok-myeon Hyohyeon-dong Hayang-eup Heungdeok-dong Hogye-myeon Haedo-dong
Hamchang-eup Heonsin-dong Heunggak-dong Hwabuk-myeon Hwadong-myeon Hwagae-dong
Hwanam-myeon Hwaseo-myeon Hupo-myeon Hari-myeon Homyeong-myeon Hwaryong-dong
Hwasan-myeon Hamang-dong Hyucheon 1(il)-dong Hyucheon 2(i)-dong Hyucheon 3(sam)-dong Hyucheon-dong
Hacheong-myeon Hanrim-myeon Heung-dong Hwamok-dong Hai-myeon Hail-myeon
Hoehwa-myeon Hadong-eup Hoengcheon-myeon Hwagae-myeon Haman-myeon Hamyang-eup
Hyucheon-myeon Hapcheon-eup Hoehyeon-dong Hwacheon-dong Hyeon-dong Hachon-dong
Hadae 1(il)-dong Hadae 2(i)-dong Hadae-dong Hotan-dong Haeun-dong Hapseong 1(il)-dong
Hapseong 2(i)-dong Hapseong-dong Hoeseong-dong Hoewon 1(il)-dong Hoewon 2(i)-dong Hoewon-dong
Hongmun-dong Hwayeong-dong Hanam-eup Hwalseong-dong Hangnam-dong Hwajeong-myeon
Habuk-myeon Hwapyeong-dong Hwasu 1(il)-dong Hwasu 2(i)-dong Hwasu-dong Hajeom-myeon
Hwado-myeon Haya-dong Hyoseong 1(il)-dong Hyoseong 2(i)-dong Hyoseong-dong Haeandong 1(il)-ga
Haeandong 2(i)-ga Haeandong 3(sam)-ga Haeandong 4(sa)-ga Hangdong 1(il)-ga Hangdong 2(i)-ga Hangdong 3(sam)-ga
Hangdong 4(sa)-ga Hangdong 5(o)-ga Hangdong 6(yuk)-ga Hangdong 7(chil)-ga Hagig 1(il)-dong Hagig 2(i)-dong
Hagik-dong Haean-dong Hangyeong-myeon Hanrim-eup Hoecheon-dong Hwabug 1(il)-dong
Hwabug 2(i)-dong Hwabuk-dong Hahyo-dong Hawon-dong Haye-dong Hoesu-dong
Hogeun-dong Haengan-myeon Haseo-myeon Hoseongdong 1(il)-ga Hoseongdong 2(i)-ga Hoseongdong 3(sam)-ga
Heungsa-dong Hwangsan-dong Hwangsan-myeon Haeri-myeon Heungdeok-myeon Haemang-dong
Hoehyeon-myeon Hamra-myeon Hamyeor-eup Hwangdeung-myeon Hyeonyeong-dong Habuk-dong
Hamo-dong Heugam-dong Hajeong-dong Hyanggyo-dong Hyojadong 1(il)-ga Hyojadong 2(i)-ga
Hyojadong 3(sam)-ga Hoecheon-myeon Hwanggil-dong Haenam-eup Hwawon-myeon Hyeonsan-myeon
Haebo-myeon Hakgyo-myeon Hampyeong-eup Hancheon-myeon Hwasun-eup Hoejin-myeon
Hwangryong-myeon Hadang-dong Haengbok-dong Haengbokdong 1(il)-ga Haengbokdong 2(i)-ga Haeje-myeon
Hyeongyeong-myeon Haui-myeon Heuksan-myeon Haeng-dong Haeryong-myeon Hongnae-dong
Hwangjeon-myeon Hongnong-eup Haesan-dong Hagyong-dong Homyeong-dong Hwachi-dong
Hoegi-dong Hwigyeong 1(il)-dong Hwigyeong 2(i)-dong Hwigyeong-dong Hwagog 1(il)-dong Hwagog 2(i)-dong
Hwagog 3(sam)-dong Hwagog 4(sa)-dong Hwagog 6(yuk)-dong Hwagog 8(pal)-dong Hwagok-dong Hwagokbon-dong
Haengun-dong Hwayang-dong Haengchon-dong Hongji-dong Hongpa-dong Hunjeong-dong
Hwa-dong Hyehwa-dong Hyoje-dong Heungin-dong Hoehyeondong 1(il)-ga Hoehyeondong 2(i)-ga
Hoehyeondong 3(sam)-ga Hwanghak-dong Hyeonseok-dong Hagye 1(il)-dong Hagye 2(i)-dong Hagye-dong
Hap-dong Hongeun 1(il)-dong Hongeun 2(i)-dong Hongeun-dong Hongje 1(il)-dong Hongje 2(i)-dong
Hongje 3(sam)-dong Hyeonjeo-dong Hawolgok-dong Haengdang 1(il)-dong Haengdang 2(i)-dong Haengdang-dong
Hawangsipri-dong Hongik-dong Hangangro 1(il)-ga Hangangro 2(i)-ga Hangangro 3(sam)-ga Hannam-dong
Huam-dong Hyochang-dong Hwabong-dong Hyomun-dong