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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Geumgok-dong Gupo 1(il)-dong Gupo 2(i)-dong Gupo 3(sam)-dong Gupo-dong Gaegeum 1(il)-dong
Gaegeum 2(i)-dong Gaegeum 3(sam)-dong Gaegeum-dong Gaya 1(il)-dong Gaya 2(i)-dong Gaya 3(sam)-dong
Gaya-dong Gangdong-dong Gurang-dong Geumsa-dong Geumseong-dong Guseo 1(il)-dong
Guseo 2(i)-dong Guseo-dong Gijang-eup Gwangbok-dong Gwangbokdong 1(il)-ga Gwangbokdong 2(i)-ga
Gwangbokdong 3(sam)-ga Gamman 1(il)-dong Gamman 2(i)-dong Gamman-dong Gamcheon 1(il)-dong Gamcheon 2(i)-dong
Gamcheon-dong Goejeong 1(il)-dong Goejeong 2(i)-dong Goejeong 3(sam)-dong Goejeong 4(sa)-dong Goejeong-dong
Gupyeong-dong Gamjeon-dong Gwaebeop-dong Gwangan 1(il)-dong Gwangan 2(i)-dong Gwangan 3(sam)-dong
Gwangan 4(sa)-dong Gwangan-dong Geoje 1(il)-dong Geoje 2(i)-dong Geoje 3(sam)-dong Geoje 4(sa)-dong
Geoje-dong Gadeok-myeon Gangnae-myeon Gangoe-myeon Gageum-myeon Gaju-dong
Geumga-myeon Geumreung-dong Gyohyeon 1(il)-dong Gyohyeon 2(i)-dong Gyohyeon-dong Gagok-myeon
Gamgok-myeon Geumwang-eup Gammul-myeon Goesan-eup Gaesin-dong Gagyeong-dong
Gangseo 1(il)-dong Gangseo 2(i)-dong Gangseo-dong Gangje-dong Geumseong-myeon Goam-dong
Gomyeong-dong Gyo-dong Gwanghyewon-myeon Gunbuk-myeon Gunseo-myeon Geumcheon-dong
Gisan-dong Gwongok-dong Gungchon-dong Guryong-myeon Gyuam-myeon Godae-myeon
Guryong-dong Guseong-dong Gwangdeok-myeon Geumsan-eup Geomsang-dong Geumhak-dong
Geumheung-dong Gongjuucheguksaseoham Gyeryong-myeon Geumam-dong Galsan-myeon Geumma-myeon
Guhang-myeon Gwangcheon-eup Gyeolseong-myeon Ganggyeong-eup Gangsan-dong Gayagok-myeon
Gwanchok-dong Gwangseok-myeon Gisan-myeon Galsan-dong Gobuk-myeon Geunheung-myeon
Gonam-myeon Geumnam-myeon Godeok-myeon Gwangsi-myeon Geomdan-dong Geumho-dong
Goseongdong 1(il)-ga Goseongdong 2(i)-ga Goseongdong 3(sam)-ga Guam-dong Gugu-dong Gwaneum-dong
Gamsam-dong Gachang-myeon Guji-myeon Gaksan-dong Geomsa-dong Geumgang-dong
Goejeon-dong Gongpyeong-dong Gyesandong 1(il)-ga Gyesandong 2(i)-ga Gacheon-dong Gomo-dong
Galjeon-dong Gao-dong Gayang 1(il)-dong Gayang 2(i)-dong Gayang-dong Gudo-dong
Geum-dong Guwan-dong Gajang-dong Galma 1(il)-dong Galma 2(i)-dong Galma-dong
Gasuwon-dong Goegok-dong Gwanjeo 1(il)-dong Gwanjeo 2(i)-dong Gwanjeo-dong Gajeong-dong
Gap-dong Geumgo-dong Geumtan-dong Gung-dong Gwanpyeong-dong Gyesan-dong
Gyochon-dong Galmar-eup Geunbuk-myeon Geunnam-myeon Gimhwa-eup Geunhwa-dong
Goeran-dong Guho-dong Gumi-dong Gwiun-dong Gangdong-myeon Gangmun-dong
Gangreungucheguksaseoham Gujeong-myeon Gyeonso-dong Gyo 1(il)-dong Gyo 2(i)-dong Ganseong-eup
Geojin-eup Gangrim-myeon Gapcheon-myeon Gonggeun-myeon Gandong-myeon Girin-myeon
Gohan-eup Galcheon-dong Geonji-dong Geundeok-myeon Geunsan-dong Gumunso-dong
Gaeun-dong Gahyeon-dong Gwanseol-dong Gwirae-myeon Ganghyeon-myeon Gakhwa-dong
Geumnamro 1(il)-ga Geumnamro 2(i)-ga Geumnamro 3(sam)-ga Geumnamro 4(sa)-ga Geumnamro 5(o)-ga Gwangjuucheguksaseoham
Gwangsan-dong Gyerim 1(il)-dong Gyerim 2(i)-dong Gyerim-dong Goryong-dong Gwangjugwangsanucheguksaseoham
Gu-dong Guso-dong Gwangcheon-dong Gasa-dong Geumgwang-myeon Geumsan-dong
Geumseok-dong Gongdo-eup Gosam-myeon Gye-dong Gungnae-dong Gimryangjang-dong
Gorim-dong Gojan 1(il)-dong Gojan 2(i)-dong Gojan-dong Gangmae-dong Goyang-dong
Goyangdeogyangucheguksaseoham Gwansan-dong Gwanyang 1(il)-dong Gwanyang 2(i)-dong Gwanyang-dong Gwiin-dong
Geolsan-dong Gwangam-dong Gapyeong-eup Gomae-dong Gongse-dong Gugal-dong
Gamjeong-dong Geolpo-dong Gochon-myeon Geumjeong-dong Gunpo 1(il)-dong Gunpo 2(i)-dong
Gunpoucheguksaseoham Gwangjeong-dong Galmae-dong Guriucheguksaseoham Gyomun 1(il)-dong Gyomun 2(i)-dong
Gyomun-dong Galhyeon-dong Gwacheon-dong Gwacheonucheguksaseoham Gwanmun-dong Gyeongan-dong
Gahak-dong Gwangmyeong 1(il)-dong Gwangmyeong 2(i)-dong Gwangmyeong 3(sam)-dong Gwangmyeong 4(sa)-dong Gwangmyeong 5(o)-dong
Gwangmyeong 6(yuk)-dong Gwangmyeong 7(chil)-dong Gwangmyeong-dong Gwangmyeongucheguksaseoham Gokbanjeong-dong Gosaek-dong
Guun-dong Gwonseon-dong Gambuk-dong Gami-dong Gamil-dong Gyosan-dong
Gian-dong Godam-dong Gwango-dong Goyangilsanucheguksaseoham Goyangupyeonjipjungguksaseoham Gajwa-dong
Gusan-dong Geumgwang 1(il)-dong Geumgwang 2(i)-dong Geumgwang-dong Gaun-dong Gogang 1(il)-dong
Gogang-dong Gogangbon-dong Galgot-dong Gasu-dong Gohyeon-dong Gwol-dong
Geomsan-dong Geumchon 1(il)-dong Geumchon 2(i)-dong Geumchon-dong Geumneung-dong Gunnae-myeon
Gwangtan-myeon Gyoha-eup Godeung-dong Gucheon-dong Gasan-myeon Gwanin-myeon
Gajae-dong Gunmun-dong Geongeon-dong Geomo-dong Geumi-dong Gunja-dong
Gwangseok-dong Gwarim-dong Gyesu-dong Goean-dong Geumto-dong Gogi-dong
Ganeung 1(il)-dong Ganeung 2(i)-dong Ganeung 3(sam)-dong Ganeung-dong Geumo-dong Gosan-dong
Gocheon-dong Goeup-dong Gwangjeok-myeon Gwangsa-dong Gaegun-myeon Gangha-myeon
Gangsang-myeon Ganam-myeon Gangcheon-myeon Geumsa-myeon Gunnam-myeon Giran-myeon
Gibuk-myeon Gigye-myeon Gakbuk-myeon Gaknam-myeon Geumcheon-myeon Gaeryeong-myeon
Gamcheon-myeon Gamho-dong Gammun-myeon Gimcheonucheguksaseoham Guseong-myeon Gaejin-myeon
Goryeong-eup Geoui-dong Geumjeon-dong Goa-eup Gongdan 1(il)-dong Gongdan 2(i)-dong
Gongdan-dong Gumiucheguksaseoham Gwangpyeong-dong Goro-myeon Gunwi-eup Gampo-eup
Geoncheon-eup Guhwang-dong Gujeong-dong Gyeongjuucheguksaseoham Gapje-dong Gyeongsanucheguksaseoham
Gyeyang-dong Gaeun-eup Goedong-dong Guryongpo-eup Geodong-dong Gonggeom-myeon
Gongseong-myeon Gacheon-myeon Geumsu-myeon Gaeum-myeon Gucheon-myeon Giseong-myeon
Gaepo-myeon Geumho-eup Geumno-dong Goeyeon-dong Gogyeong-myeon Gwajeon-dong
Ganggu-myeon Gaheung 1(il)-dong Gaheung 2(i)-dong Gaheung-dong Gilgok-myeon Goam-myeon
Gyeseong-myeon Gaeum-dong Gaeumjeong-dong Gwigok-dong Gwihyeon-dong Gwisan-dong
Gabuk-myeon Gajo-myeon Geochang-eup Goje-myeon Geoje-myeon Gang-dong
Gimhaeucheguksaseoham Gaecheon-myeon Georyu-myeon Goseong-eup Guman-myeon Gojeon-myeon
Gaya-eup Gahoe-myeon Gaya-myeon Gwanghwa-dong Gyeonghwa-dong Gangnam-dong
Geumgok-myeon Geumsan-myeon Gapo-dong Guam 1(il)-dong Guam 2(i)-dong Gusan-myeon
Gyobang-dong Gyowon-dong Gagok-dong Gohyeon-myeon Gonmyeong-myeon Gonyang-myeon
Gungji-dong Geumseo-myeon Gwangdo-myeon Garye-myeon Gungryu-myeon Galsan 1(il)-dong
Galsan 2(i)-dong Ganghwa-eup Gilsang-myeon Gyodong-myeon Gyesan 1(il)-dong Gyesan 2(i)-dong
Gyesan 3(sam)-dong Gyesan 4(sa)-dong Gyulhyeon-dong Gwandong 1(il)-ga Gwandong 2(i)-ga Gwandong 3(sam)-ga
Gyeong-dong Gwangyo-dong Ganseog 1(il)-dong Ganseog 2(i)-dong Ganseog 3(sam)-dong Ganseog 4(sa)-dong
Ganseok-dong Guwol-dong Guwor 1(il)-dong Guwor 2(i)-dong Guwor 3(sam)-dong Guwor 4(sa)-dong
Gajeong 1(il)-dong Gajeong 2(i)-dong Gajeong 3(sam)-dong Gajwa 1(il)-dong Gajwa 2(i)-dong Gajwa 3(sam)-dong
Gajwa 4(sa)-dong Geomam-dong Gongchon-dong Gyeongseo-dong Geonip-dong Gujwa-eup
Gangjeong-dong Gyehwa-myeon Gangheung-dong Geumam 1(il)-dong Geumam 2(i)-dong Geumsang-dong
Gorang-dong Galgong-dong Geumgu-myeon Gimjeucheguksaseoham Gongdeok-myeon Gwanghwal-myeon
Gochang-eup Gongeum-myeon Gosu-myeon Gaebok-dong Gaejeong-dong Gaejeong-myeon
Gaesa-dong Gunsanucheguksaseoham Gyeongam-dong Gyeongjang-dong Gangjin-myeon Gwanchon-myeon
Gyebuk-myeon Gyenam-myeon Geumbung-dong Gobu-myeon Gwagyo-dong Gyoam-dong
Galchi-dong Geumji-myeon Gojuk-dong Gwangchi-dong Geumgwa-myeon Gurim-myeon
Gosan-myeon Gui-myeon Gyeongcheon-myeon Gosa-dong Gyeongwondong 1(il)-ga Gyeongwondong 2(i)-ga
Gyeongwondong 3(sam)-ga Gyeombaek-myeon Goseo-myeon Gangjin-eup Gundong-myeon Goheung-eup
Gwayeok-myeon Godal-myeon Gokseong-eup Gyeom-myeon Ganjeon-myeon Gurye-eup
Gwangui-myeon Gwangyang-eup Gwangyangucheguksaseoham Gwangyeong-dong Gyegok-myeon Gwansan-eup
Gogun-myeon Geumdong 1(il)-ga Geumdong 2(i)-ga Geumhwa-dong Gwang-dong Gwangdong 1(il)-ga
Gwangdong 2(i)-ga Gwangdong 3(sam)-ga Gyeongdong 1(il)-ga Gyeongdong 2(i)-ga Geumgye-dong Gongsan-myeon
Gwanjeong-dong Gwawon-dong Gyeonghyeon-dong Gyoryang-dong Geumdang-myeon Geumir-eup
Gogeum-myeon Gunoe-myeon Geumjeong-myeon Gonghwa-dong Goso-dong Guk-dong
Gwangmu-dong Gyeongho-dong Galhyeon 1(il)-dong Galhyeon 2(i)-dong Gangil-dong Gil-dong
Godeog 1(il)-dong Godeog 2(i)-dong Godeok-dong Gaepo 1(il)-dong Gaepo 2(i)-dong Gaepo 3(sam)-dong
Gaepo 4(sa)-dong Gaepo-dong Gaehwa-dong Gayang 3(sam)-dong Gonghang-dong Gwahae-dong
Gasan-dong Gaebong 1(il)-dong Gaebong 2(i)-dong Gaebong 3(sam)-dong Gaebong-dong Garibong-dong
Gocheog 1(il)-dong Gocheog 2(i)-dong Gocheok-dong Guro 1(il)-dong Guro 2(i)-dong Guro 3(sam)-dong
Guro 4(sa)-dong Guro 5(o)-dong Guro-dong Gurodijiteoldanjiucheguksaseoham Guui 1(il)-dong Guui 2(i)-dong
Guui 3(sam)-dong Guui-dong Gwangjang-dong Gahoe-dong Gugi-dong Gungjeong-dong
Gwancheol-dong Gwanghwamunucheguksaseoham Gwanhun-dong Gwansu-dong Gwonnong-dong Gyeongun-dong
Gyeonji-dong Gyobuk-dong Gyonam-dong Gwanghuidong 1(il)-ga Gwanghuidong 2(i)-ga Gongdeok-dong
Gusu-dong Gongreung 1.3-dong Gongreung 2(i)-dong Gongreung-dong Gireum 1(il)-dong Gireum 2(i)-dong
Gireum-dong Geumhodong 1(il)-ga Geumhodong 2(i)-ga Geumhodong 3(sam)-ga Geumhodong 4(sa)-ga Garag 1(il)-dong
Garag 2(i)-dong Garak-dong Garakbon-dong Geoyeo 1(il)-dong Geoyeo 2(i)-dong Geoyeo-dong
Garwol-dong Gadae-dong Guyu-dong