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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Deokcheon 1(il)-dong Deokcheon 2(i)-dong Deokcheon 3(sam)-dong Deokcheon-dong Danggam 1(il)-dong Danggam 2(i)-dong
Danggam 3(sam)-dong Danggam 4(sa)-dong Danggam-dong Dongbusanucheguksaseoham Dongraeucheguksaseoham Daehang-dong
Daejeo 1(il)-dong Daejeo 2(i)-dong Dongseon-dong Dugu-dong Daechang-dong Daechangdong 1(il)-ga
Daechangdong 2(i)-ga Daecheong-dong Daecheongdong 1(il)-ga Daecheongdong 2(i)-ga Daecheongdong 3(sam)-ga Daecheongdong 4(sa)-ga
Donggwang-dong Donggwangdong 1(il)-ga Donggwangdong 2(i)-ga Donggwangdong 3(sam)-ga Donggwangdong 4(sa)-ga Donggwangdong 5(o)-ga
Daeyeon 1(il)-dong Daeyeon 2(i)-dong Daeyeon 3(sam)-dong Daeyeon 4(sa)-dong Daeyeon 5(o)-dong Daeyeon 6(yuk)-dong
Daeyeon-dong Dadae 1(il)-dong Dadae 2(i)-dong Dadae-dong Dangri-dong Deokpo 1(il)-dong
Deokpo 2(i)-dong Deokpo-dong Dongdaesindong 1(il)-ga Dongdaesindong 2(i)-ga Dongdaesindong 3(sam)-ga Daegyo-dong
Daegyodong 1(il)-ga Daegyodong 2(i)-ga Daepyeong-dong Daepyeongdong 1(il)-ga Daepyeongdong 2(i)-ga Dongsam 1(il)-dong
Dongsam 2(i)-dong Dongsam 3(sam)-dong Dongsam-dong Dalcheon-dong Danwol-dong Dongryang-myeon
Daegang-myeon Danseong-myeon Danyang-eup Daeso-myeon Dongmak-dong Daerang-dong
Deoksan-myeon Donghyeon-dong Duhak-dong Doan-myeon Dongi-myeon Daeseong-dong
Deuksan-dong Dogo-myeon Dunpo-myeon Daecheon 1(il)-dong Daecheon 2(i)-dong Daecheon-dong
Dongdae-dong Daechi-myeon Daehoji-myeon Dangjin-eup Daeheung-dong Daga-dong
Dong-myeon Duma-myeon Deokji-dong Deunghwa-dong Dujeong-dong Daesan-eup
Daesanucheguksaseoham Deokjicheon-dong Dongmun-dong Daeheung-myeon Daesul-myeon Daehyeon 1(il)-dong
Daehyeon 2(i)-dong Daehyeon-dong Donam-dong Dongbyeon-dong Dongcheon-dong Dongho-dong
Daegok-dong Daegudalseoucheguksaseoham Daeguseongseoucheguksaseoham Dowon-dong Duryu 1(il)-dong Duryu 2(i)-dong
Duryu 3(sam)-dong Duryu-dong Dasa-eup Daerim-dong Deokgok-dong Do-dong
Dohak-dong Dongdaeguucheguksaseoham Dongnae-dong Dunsan-dong Daean-dong Daebong 1(il)-dong
Daebong 2(i)-dong Daebong-dong Daeguucheguksaseoham Daesin-dong Dalseong-dong Deoksan-dong
Dongil-dong Dongindong 1(il)-ga Dongindong 2(i)-ga Dongindong 3(sam)-ga Dongindong 4(sa)-ga Dongsan-dong
Dongseongro 1(il)-ga Dongseongro 2(i)-ga Dongseongro 3(sam)-ga Daemyeong 1(il)-dong Daemyeong 10(sip)-dong Daemyeong 11(sibil)-dong
Daemyeong 2(i)-dong Daemyeong 3(sam)-dong Daemyeong 4(sa)-dong Daemyeong 5(o)-dong Daemyeong 6(yuk)-dong Daemyeong 9(gu)-dong
Daemyeong-dong Daegususeongucheguksaseoham Dusan-dong Daehwa-dong Daejeondaedeogucheguksaseoham Deogam-dong
Dae 1(il)-dong Dae 2(i)-dong Dae-dong Daebyeol-dong Daejeonucheguksaseoham Daesa-dong
Daejeondunsanucheguksaseoham Doan-dong Doma 1(il)-dong Doma 2(i)-dong Doma-dong Dunsan 1(il)-dong
Dunsan 2(i)-dong Daejeong-dong Daejeonyuseongucheguksaseoham Deokjin-dong Deokmyeong-dong Doryong-dong
Dungok-dong Dongsong-eup Dongnae-myeon Dongsan-myeon Daegu-dong Daejin-dong
Dalbang-dong Danbong-dong Donghaeucheguksaseoham Donghoe-dong Daejeon-dong Damsan-dong
Dunnae-myeon Duchon-myeon Daegwanryeong-myeon Daehwa-myeon Dangjeo-dong Deungbong-dong
Dogye-eup Dogyeong-dong Daepo-dong Domun-dong Dongmyeong-dong Dongjeom-dong
Dangu-dong Dangye-dong Daechon-dong Deogui-dong Dongrim-dong Duam 1(il)-dong
Duam 2(i)-dong Duam 3(sam)-dong Duam-dong Daein-dong Daeui-dong Daesan-dong
Deokrim-dong Deungim-dong Docheon-dong Dodeok-dong Doho-dong Dosan-dong
Daeji-dong Deoknam-dong Dogeum-dong Deokheung-dong Daedeok-myeon Dangwang-dong
Dogi-dong Dongbon-dong Daejang-dong Dongwon-dong Daebubuk-dong Daebudong-dong
Daebunam-dong Daeja-dong Deogeun-dong Donae-dong Daran-dong Dongducheon-dong
Dongducheonucheguksaseoham Dongbaek-dong Daegot-myeon Daeyami-dong Dang-dong Dangjeong-dong
Domagyo-dong Dundae-dong Donggu-dong Docheok-myeon Daehwanggyo-dong Dangsu-dong
Deokpung 1(il)-dong Deokpung 2(i)-dong Deokpung 3(sam)-dong Deokpung-dong Dongtan-myeon Daewol-myeon
Deogi-dong Dochon-dong Donong-dong Dugok-dong Dongsuwonucheguksaseoham Donggyo-dong
Doil-dong Dokgok-dong Dongsak-dong Daeya-dong Dochang-dong Dandae-dong
Dunjeon-dong Dodang-dong Deokgye-dong Deokjeong-dong Danwol-myeon Daesin-myeon
Daeseok-dong Dangbuk-dong Dongbu-dong Dosan-myeon Deoksu-dong Deukryang-dong
Dongbin 1(il)-ga Dongbin 2(i)-ga Duho-dong Dongmyeong-myeon Daegwang-dong Daehang-myeon
Dasu-dong Dasan-myeon Deokgok-myeon Dogae-myeon Doryang 1(il)-dong Doryang 2(i)-dong
Doryang-dong Deok-dong Doji-dong Dongbang-dong Dongro-myeon Daebo-myeon
Daedo-dong Daejam-dong Daesong-myeon Dongchon-dong Donghae-myeon Daega-myeon
Dain-myeon Danbuk-myeon Danchon-myeon Danmil-myeon Daechang-myeon Dorim-dong
Dalsan-myeon Dansan-myeon Daehap-myeon Daeji-myeon Docheon-myeon Daebang-dong
Daesan-myeon Daewon-dong Dogye-dong Dong-eup Dongjeong-dong Dudae-dong
Dongbu-myeon Dumo-dong Dundeok-myeon Daedong-myeon Dongsang-dong Daebyeong-myeon
Daeyang-myeon Daejuk-dong Daeyeong-dong Doman-dong Du-dong Daegok-myeon
Daepyeong-myeon Dongseong-dong Daenae-dong Daeoe-dong Daeseongdong 1(il)-ga Daeseongdong 2(i)-ga
Deokdong-dong Ducheok-dong Duwoldong 1(il)-ga Duwoldong 2(i)-ga Duwoldong 3(sam)-ga Danjang-myeon
Dong-dong Donggeum-dong Daeui-myeon Dabang-dong Danam-dong Dongyang-dong
Duksil-dong Dap-dong Deokgyo-dong Dohwa 1(il)-dong Dohwa 2(i)-dong Dohwa 3(sam)-dong
Dohwa-dong Daecheong-myeon Deokjeok-myeon Dangha-dong Dongchun 1(il)-dong Dongchun 2(i)-dong
Dongchun 3(sam)-dong Dongchun-dong Dodu 1(il)-dong Dodu 2(i)-dong Dodu-dong Dopyeong-dong
Doryeon 1(il)-dong Doryeon 2(i)-dong Doryeon-dong Daejeong-eup Donghong-dong Dosun-dong
Dongjin-myeon Deokjindong 1(il)-ga Deokjindong 2(i)-ga Dodo-dong Dongjeonjuucheguksaseoham Dojang-dong
Daeya-myeon Dongheungnam-dong Dunyul-dong Deokgi-dong Deokchi-myeon Deokcheon-myeon
Donghyang-myeon Deokgwa-myeon Dongchung-dong Dotong-dong Donggye-myeon Dongsang-myeon
Dagadong 1(il)-ga Dagadong 2(i)-ga Dagadong 3(sam)-ga Dagadong 4(sa)-ga Dongseohak-dong Dongwansan-dong
Deukryang-myeon Daejeon-myeon Damyang-eup Daegu-myeon Doam-myeon Daeseo-myeon
Dodeok-myeon Dohwa-myeon Donggang-myeon Dongil-myeon Doyang-eup Duwon-myeon
Daap-myeon Doi-dong Dogok-myeon Dongbok-myeon Daedeog-eup Donghwa-myeon
Daeuidong 1(il)-ga Daeuidong 2(i)-ga Daeuidong 3(sam)-ga Daeyang-dong Dal-dong Dado-myeon
Daegi-dong Daeho-dong Dasi-myeon Dongsu-dong Docho-myeon Daedae-dong
Daeryong-dong Deogwol-dong Dongoe-dong Deokjin-myeon Dopo-myeon Daema-myeon
Deokchung-dong Dolsan-eup Dundeok-dong Dobong 1(il)-dong Dobong 2(i)-dong Dobong-dong
Dapsipri 1(il)-dong Dapsipri 2(i)-dong Dapsipri 3(sam)-dong Dapsipri 4(sa)-dong Dapsipri-dong Dongdaemunucheguksaseoham
Dongjak-dong Daejo-dong Dunchon 1(il)-dong Dunchon 2(i)-dong Dunchon-dong Daechi 1(il)-dong
Daechi 2(i)-dong Daechi 3(sam)-dong Daechi 4(sa)-dong Daechi-dong Dogog 1(il)-dong Dogog 2(i)-dong
Dogok-dong Deungchon 1(il)-dong Deungchon 2(i)-dong Deungchon 3(sam)-dong Deungchon-dong Doksan 1(il)-dong
Doksan 2(i)-dong Doksan 3(sam)-dong Doksan 4(sa)-dong Doksan-dong Daehak-dong Dongseourupyeonjipjungguksaseoham
Dangju-dong Dongsung-dong Donui-dong Doryeom-dong Da-dong Dangin-dong
Donam 1(il)-dong Donam 2(i)-dong Dongseondong 1(il)-ga Dongseondong 2(i)-ga Dongseondong 3(sam)-ga Dongseondong 4(sa)-ga
Dongseondong 5(o)-ga Dongsomundong 1(il)-ga Dongsomundong 2(i)-ga Dongsomundong 3(sam)-ga Dongsomundong 4(sa)-ga Dongsomundong 5(o)-ga
Dongsomundong 6(yuk)-ga Dongsomundong 7(chil)-ga Doseon-dong Daerim 1(il)-dong Daerim 2(i)-dong Daerim 3(sam)-dong
Dangsan-dong Dangsandong 1(il)-ga Dangsandong 2(i)-ga Dangsandong 3(sam)-ga Dangsandong 4(sa)-ga Dangsandong 5(o)-ga
Dangsandong 6(yuk)-ga Dongbinggo-dong Dongja-dong Dangsa-dong Daesong-dong Dongulsanucheguksaseoham
Daun-dong Duwang-dong Dudong-myeon Duseo-myeon