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Postal Code for South Korea

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Bukbusanucheguksaseoham Beomcheon 1(il)-dong Beomcheon 2(i)-dong Beomcheon 4(sa)-dong Beomcheon-dong Beomjeon-dong
Buam 1(il)-dong Buam 3(sam)-dong Buam-dong Bujeon 1(il)-dong Bujeon 2(i)-dong Bujeon-dong
Busanjinucheguksaseoham Beomil-dong Beomir 1(il)-dong Beomir 2(i)-dong Beomir 4(sa)-dong Beomir 5(o)-dong
Bokcheon-dong Beombang-dong Bongrim-dong Busangangseoucheguksaseoham Bugog 1(il)-dong Bugog 2(i)-dong
Bugog 3(sam)-dong Bugog 4(sa)-dong Bugok-dong Busangeumjeongucheguksaseoham Bansong 1(il)-dong Bansong 2(i)-dong
Bansong 3(sam)-dong Bansong-dong Banyeo 1(il)-dong Banyeo 2(i)-dong Banyeo 3(sam)-dong Banyeo 4(sa)-dong
Banyeo-dong Bosu-dong Bosudong 1(il)-ga Bosudong 2(i)-ga Bosudong 3(sam)-ga Bupyeong-dong
Bupyeongdong 1(il)-ga Bupyeongdong 2(i)-ga Bupyeongdong 3(sam)-ga Bupyeongdong 4(sa)-ga Busanucheguksaseoham Busansahaucheguksaseoham
Busansasangucheguksaseoham Bumin-dong Bumindong 1(il)-ga Bumindong 2(i)-ga Bumindong 3(sam)-ga Buyong-dong
Buyongdong 1(il)-ga Buyongdong 2(i)-ga Bongrae-dong Bongraedong 1(il)-ga Bongraedong 2(i)-ga Bongraedong 3(sam)-ga
Bongraedong 4(sa)-ga Bongraedong 5(o)-ga Busanyeongdoucheguksaseoham Boeun-eup Bugi-myeon Buyong-myeon
Bongbang-dong Buljeong-myeon Biha-dong Bokdae 1(il)-dong Bokdae 2(i)-dong Bokdae-dong
Bongmyeong 1(il)-dong Bongmyeong 2(i)-dong Bongmyeong-dong Bunpyeong-dong Baegun-myeon Bongyang-eup
Baekgok-myeon Bangseo-dong Bukmunro 1(il)-ga Bukmunro 2(i)-ga Bukmunro 3(sam)-ga Baebang-myeon
Baemi-dong Bangchuk-dong Beopgok-dong Boryeongucheguksaseoham Buyeo-eup Bibong-myeon
Buk-myeon Byeongcheon-myeon Boksu-myeon Buri-myeon Banjuk-dong Banpo-myeon
Bonghwang-dong Bongjeong-dong Banwol-dong Beolgok-myeon Buchang-dong Bujeok-myeon
Baekseok-dong Budae-dong Buldang-dong Biin-myeon Buseok-myeon Bongsan-myeon
Bokhyeon 1(il)-dong Bokhyeon 2(i)-dong Bokhyeon-dong Bukdaeguucheguksaseoham Bon-dong Bonri-dong
Baegan-dong Bangchon-dong Bongmu-dong Bu-dong Bullo-dong Bongsan-dong
Buknae-dong Bukseongro 1(il)-ga Bukseongro 2(i)-ga Bongdeog 1(il)-dong Bongdeog 2(i)-dong Bongdeog 3(sam)-dong
Bongdeok-dong Bisan 1(il)-dong Bisan 2.3-dong Bisan 4(sa)-dong Bisan 5(o)-dong Bisan 6(yuk)-dong
Bisan 7(chil)-dong Bisan-dong Beomeo 1(il)-dong Beomeo 2(i)-dong Beomeo 3(sam)-dong Beomeo 4(sa)-dong
Beomeo-dong Beommul-dong Beommur 1(il)-dong Beommur 2(i)-dong Beob 1(il)-dong Beob 2(i)-dong
Beop-dong Birae-dong Busu-dong Biryong-dong Busa-dong Boksu-dong
Bonggok-dong Byeon-dong Bang-dong Banghyeon-dong Banseok-dong Bogyong-dong
Bongui-dong Buksan-myeon Balhan-dong Bicheon-dong Bukpyeong-dong Bagwol-dong
Byeongsan-dong Bukbang-myeon Bukpyeong-myeon Bangrim-myeon Bongpyeong-myeon Baeksan-dong
Bangok-dong Buron-myeon Bangsan-myeon Bonchon-dong Buk-dong Bukgwangjuucheguksaseoham
Bakho-dong Bia-dong Bokryong-dong Bondeok-dong Buksan-dong Baegun 1(il)-dong
Baegun 2(i)-dong Baegun-dong Bangrim 1(il)-dong Bangrim 2(i)-dong Bangrim-dong Bongseon 1(il)-dong
Bongseon 2(i)-dong Bongseon-dong Byeokjin-dong Balhwa-dong Bogae-myeon Bongnam-dong
Baekhyeon-dong Bundang-dong Baegam-myeon Bukhan-dong Byeokje-dong Beomgye-dong
Bisan 2(i)-dong Bisan 3(sam)-dong Buheung-dong Burim-dong Bosan-dong Bojeong-dong
Bora-dong Bukbyeon-dong Byeoryang-dong Baealmi-dong Baeyang-dong Banjeong-dong
Bongdam-eup Bugyang-dong Byeongjeom-dong Baeksa-myeon Bubar-eup Baekseog 1(il)-dong
Baekseog 2(i)-dong Beopgot-dong Bakdal-dong Bakdar 1(il)-dong Bakdar 2(i)-dong Byeolnae-myeon
Bucheonupyeonjipjungguksaseoham Beoreum-dong Busan-dong Beobwon-eup Buksu-dong Bijeon 1(il)-dong
Bijeon 2(i)-dong Bijeon-dong Bono 1(il)-dong Bono 2(i)-dong Bono 3(sam)-dong Bono-dong
Bangsan-dong Beombak-dong Bokjeong-dong Bucheonucheguksaseoham Baekseog-eup Bongyang-dong
Buknae-myeon Baekhak-myeon Beopheung-dong Beopsang-dong Bukhu-myeon Bukmun-dong
Beopjeon-myeon Bonghwa-eup Bongseong-myeon Budong-myeon Bunam-myeon Buksam-eup
Baegok-dong Buhang-myeon Bugye-myeon Bae-dong Baeban-dong Bomun-dong
Bukbu-dong Bukgun-dong Baekcheon-dong Buljeong-dong Buwon-dong Byeongseong-dong
Byeokjin-myeon Bian-myeon Bongyang-myeon Bomun-myeon Bong-dong Bugan-myeon
Byeonggok-myeon Bonghyeon-myeon Bugok-myeon Bangye-dong Banji-dong Banrim-dong
Bulmosan-dong Buksang-myeon Buram-dong Bukcheon-myeon Beopsu-myeon Baekjeon-myeon
Bibong-dong Bonseong-dong Bongam-dong Bubuk-myeon Beolli-dong Bongpyeong-dong
Buksin-dong Bongsu-myeon Burim-myeon Bukjeong-dong Bugae 1(il)-dong Bugae 2(i)-dong
Bugae 3(sam)-dong Bugae-dong Bugincheonucheguksaseoham Bupyeong 1(il)-dong Bupyeong 2(i)-dong Bupyeong 3(sam)-dong
Bupyeong 4(sa)-dong Bupyeong 5(o)-dong Bupyeong 6(yuk)-dong Bureun-myeon Bakchon-dong Byeongbang-dong
Bukseongdong 1(il)-ga Bukseongdong 2(i)-ga Bukseongdong 3(sam)-ga Baekryeong-myeon Bukdo-myeon Bonggae-dong
Beophwan-dong Bomok-dong Baeksan-myeon Boan-myeon Buan-eup Byeonsan-myeon
Baekgu-myeon Baekhak-dong Bokjuk-dong Bongnam-myeon Buryang-myeon Buan-myeon
Bieungdo-dong Busong-dong Beonam-myeon Bugwi-myeon Bojeol-myeon Bokheung-myeon
Bongdong-eup Beolgyo-eup Boknae-myeon Boseong-eup Byeongyeong-myeon Bongrae-myeon
Bonggang-myeon Bugil-myeon Busan-myeon Bukha-myeon Bogwang-dong Bogwangdong 1(il)-ga
Bogwangdong 2(i)-ga Bogwangdong 3(sam)-ga Bokman-dong Bukgyo-dong Bukhang-dong Bannam-myeon
Bonghwang-myeon Budeok-dong Bigeum-myeon Byeollyang-myeon Bogil-myeon Baeksu-eup
Beopseong-myeon Bulgap-myeon Bonggang-dong Bonggye-dong Banghag 1(il)-dong Banghag 2(i)-dong
Banghag 3(sam)-dong Banghak-dong Bulgwang 1(il)-dong Bulgwang 2(i)-dong Bulgwang-dong Beon 1(il)-dong
Beon 2(i)-dong Beon 3(sam)-dong Beon-dong Banghwa 1(il)-dong Banghwa 2(i)-dong Banghwa 3(sam)-dong
Banghwa-dong Bongcheon-dong Boramae-dong Bongik-dong Bukchang-dong Bangbae 1(il)-dong
Bangbae 2(i)-dong Bangbae 3(sam)-dong Bangbae 4(sa)-dong Bangbae-dong Bangbaebon-dong Banpo 1(il)-dong
Banpo 2(i)-dong Banpo 3(sam)-dong Banpo 4(sa)-dong Banpo-dong Banpobon-dong Bongwon-dong
Bugahyeon-dong Bukgajwa 1(il)-dong Bukgajwa 2(i)-dong Bukgajwa-dong Bomundong 1(il)-ga Bomundong 2(i)-ga
Bomundong 3(sam)-ga Bomundong 4(sa)-ga Bomundong 5(o)-ga Bomundong 6(yuk)-ga Bomundong 7(chil)-ga Bangi 1(il)-dong
Bangi 2(i)-dong Bangi-dong Bangeo-dong Bangu 1(il)-dong Bangu 2(i)-dong Bangu-dong
Boksan 1(il)-dong Boksan 2(i)-dong Boksan-dong Beomseo-eup