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Postal Code for Philippines

The postal code of which is listed in our database is . Our records often include geographical coordinates of and it's corresponding postal code. In the result box below, you can find the postal code of and it's location on the map if we have the location information available. Every postal code is also located in a region or a district, in case we know the district or region of the city it will too be listed in the results. All kinds of additional information we have on may also be present such as geographical data, historical records or news about and in general.
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Zabali Zacarito Zaldivar Zambal Zamboanguita Zambowood
Zamora Zamora (Pob.) Zamora-Melliza Zapat Zapatera Zapote
Zapote I Zapote II Zapote III Zapote IV Zapote V Zaragosa
Zaragoza Zarah Zarrague Zerrudo Zillovia Ziminila
Zinarag Zion Zitanga Znac Zona Sur Zone 1 (Pob.)
Zone 1 Pob. (Libaba) Zone 1 Pob. (Nalasin) Zone 10 (Pob.) Zone 11 (Pob.) Zone 12 (Pob.) Zone 12-A (Pob.)
Zone 14 (Pob.) Zone 14-A (Pob.) Zone 14-B (Pob.) Zone 15 (Pob.) Zone 16 (Pob.) Zone 2 (Pob.)
Zone 2 Pob. (Aypa) Zone 2 Pob. (Consiliman) Zone 3 (Pob.) Zone 3 Pob. (Botlay) Zone 3 Pob. (Lalaud) Zone 4 (Pob.)
Zone 4 Pob. (Cabangcalan) Zone 4 Pob. (Sagapan) Zone 4 Pob. (Town Proper) Zone 4-A (Pob.) Zone 5 (Pob.) Zone 5 Pob. (Bano)
Zone 5 Pob. (Bo. Barikir) Zone 6 (Pob.) Zone 6 Pob. (Baytan) Zone 6 Pob. (Sinapangan) Zone 7 (Pob.) Zone 7 Pob. (Baliling)
Zone 8 (Pob.) Zone 9 (Pob.) Zone I (Pob.) Zone I Fatima (Pob.) Zone I Pob. (Barangay 1) Zone I Pob. (Bgy. 1- South Ilawod)
Zone I-B Zone II (Pob.) Zone II Pob. (Barangay 2) Zone II Pob. (Bgy. 2- West Ilawod) Zone II San Antonio (Pob.) Zone III (Pob.)
Zone III Maharlika (Pob.) Zone III Pob. (Barangay 3) Zone III Pob. (Bgy. 3- East Ilawod) Zone IV (Pob.) Zone IV Pob. (Barangay 4) Zone IV Pob. (Bgy. 4- West Central)
Zone IX Pob. (Barangay 9) Zone V (Pob.) Zone V Pob. (Barangay 5) Zone V Pob. (Bgy. 5-Lanipan) Zone VI (Pob.) Zone VI Pob. (Barangay 6 )
Zone VI Pob. (Bgy. 6- Baybay) Zone VII (Pob.) Zone VII Pob. (Barangay 7) Zone VII Pob. (Bgy. 7- Iraya) Zone VIII Pob. (Barangay 8) Zone VIII Pob. (Bgy. 8- Loyo)
Zone X Pob. (Barangay 10) Zone XI Pob. (Barangay 11) Zulueta (Bo. 7) Zulueta District (Pob.) Zumigui